Students raise money for sorority sister in need

I spoke with two Towson students, Alexa DeAnnutis and Kayla Hester, about their effort to raise money for a friend need. Mariana McConnie, a Towson University student and sister of the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority, suffers through Cystic Fibrosis and is going to need her second lung transplant that could cost hundreds of thousands before … More Students raise money for sorority sister in need

Inside Towson’s Greek Life – Fraternities

This year, 18 Penn State fraternity brothers faced charges of involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault after a hazing death. In 2015, the university of Oklahoma’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon was video taped singing a racist chant regarding hanging blacks from a tree and their unwanted presence as a fraternity brother. Another recent case involves two University … More Inside Towson’s Greek Life – Fraternities

Tigers Handed Their Second Loss of the Season

The Northeastern Huskies, Boston, handed the Towson Tigers’ volleyball team their second consecutive loss of the season at Towson’s SECU Arena on Sunday. Concluding in a 3-1 match, all sets were closely contested. Towson walked away still holding an impressive 16-2 record and Northeastern with an 11-6 in the CAA conference. Towson’s Jocelyn Kuilan, Junior, … More Tigers Handed Their Second Loss of the Season

6&6 Assignment

Carroll and Marshall Halls, Towson University’s newest apartment style residence halls, are on their second year of operation and its residents are reacting positively. Maddy Belt, junior resident of Carroll, thinks that Marshall and Carroll are a huge upgrade from the Glen Towers or any other on-campus residence hall. “I love having a kitchen, living … More 6&6 Assignment